combine subjects into one school magazine project jilster

Combining multiple subjects into one project saves the students a lot of time. It is also a nice change from the way things are usually done. Instead of consolidating every subject to their own projects and exams, all of them are intertwined in a magazine. It gives students hands on experience for using knowledge and tools in real world scenarios.

Work together to reduce the workload for teachers and students

Enlist the help of your colleagues to create a project that combines different subjects into project. The magazine project can be graded for all the chosen subjects. This removes a great deal of the workload not only for students, but for teachers as well.

Teachers: Instead having to prepare various exams and project by yourself, you can work together with your colleagues to create one magazine project that can be handed in and graded for multiple subjects.

Students: Instead of having to prepare various projects and study for different exams, students can create one magazine that combines all of the knowledge and tools they need. Plus, it gives them a look at how these subjects interact, instead of keeping it all separate.

Create a Step-by-step Guide Book

Create a step-by-step guide book containing all the information the students will need to complete the project. The students will use it to complete exercises for each subject as well as learn to plan accordingly.

The Guide Book should contain but is not limited to:

  • Exercises per subject and/or topic
  • Schedule with weekly tasks
  • Timetable example
  • Instructions on how to use Jilster
  • Example pages made in Jilster

It is also useful to add a seperate guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use Jilster. Try the editor out first and then, based on your own experiences, write out the do’s and dont’s for students. You can also create some example pages and let the students copy these to their own magazine pages. Students may also take inspiration from magazines in stores or magazines they have at home. They can bring them into class and exchange ideas.

Assignment and Exercise ideas for a magazine project

One school that has already implemented the magazine project had the magazine graded on content for History, spelling and grammar for Dutch, and design and creativity for Art: One magazine to rule them all. Below are just a few ideas and inspiration for various assignments and exercises that students can complete for a magazine project.

  • Book report
  • Letter to publisher
  • Organizing an event with a speaker that can give a presentation on a specific topic
  • Attending a presentation on a specific topic organized by other students
  • See and review a movie on a specific topic
  • Visit and review a museum
  • Look up specific dishes and add a recipe
  • Create a themed magazine cover
  • Recreate a specific painting or photo

Make it fun

Make the project into a competition. The three best magazines can then be printed and displayed at the school and/or during a special event when the project is completed. Having a competitive element in the project improves student performance. The magazines can then also be used as promotional tools during Open Days when prospective students come in to visit the school.

Takeaways and tips before you get started

  • Combine multiple subjects to reduce workload: work together with colleagues
  • Create a step-by-step guide book for the project and add step-by-step instructions  on how to use Jilster
  • Add magazine appropriate exercises and assignments for each subject
  • Make it fun

Some general tips:

  • Take your time with this project. It will take longer than you think.
  • Arrange a meeting for your colleagues wherein you explain how Jilster works
  • Create a guide book for students, with a guide on how to use Jilster
  • When it’s time to grade the paper, you can do so using the custom link to the online version of the magazine
  • A magazine project can also be used for other subjects and topics

How to combine multiple subjects into one project magazine for school jilster