Content, ideas, and topics for the self-designed birthday newspaper

Grandma Ruby is turning 70 and you are planning a very special present together with all the grandchildren. – You want to surprise your best friend on her 18th birthday with a self-designed magazine. – Your father is celebrating his 50th birthday and everyone wants to get involved and create a great magazine together.

What do I write about?

Highly motivated you decided to do this, maybe the project has already been created in the Jilster Editor – and then you sit in front of the white sheet of paper, the blinking cursor warns you to start writing and you ask yourself: “What am I writing about? Then read on. Because here it’s all about how you develop ideas, decide on content, and, above all, what the focus should be.

Find the right topics for your birthday magazine

When you decide on the themes for a birthday magazine, you should never lose sight of the fact that it is a gift for the birthday person and you want to make him or her happy! So always keep in mind that you write FOR instead of ABOUT the birthday boy or girl. This makes it much easier to get a focus, keep it, collect ideas, and write articles. We’ve put together a few ideas that make your magazine wonderful:

Articles and topics for your birthday newspaper


A timeline with the most important milestones in life belongs of course in every birthday magazine! Birth, school enrollment, driving license, first vacation without parents, graduation, first apartment, first job, … depending on age there are some milestones.

It becomes particularly personal when you ask family members and friends about the events of their lives: “Where were you when the birthday child was born”, “What is the first thing you remember when you think of the vacation with the birthday child in Mexico”, “What do you still have to laugh heartily about when you talk about the wedding”, etc. In this way you will also experience things that even the birthday child might not have known. You can process this “exclusive information” as comments and anecdotes in the timeline. Maybe grandma and grandpa or the best friend still have photos that even the birthday child has never seen. In the editor you will find a nice double page under “Other templates”, which you can use to create a great timeline from all the nice memories and pictures:

Review: The year of birth

A review of the year of birth is of course also needed! Here you can put the most important headlines and the hottest gossip from the year the birthday child was born. The music and movie charts are always interesting. Which song was number 1 on your birthday? Which movie had the most visitors that year? If the birthday child has a favorite sport or club, you can find out which athlete was successful that year or how his or her favorite club did. Also the fashion(sins) of the year are definitely worth a mention!

Do you remember…?

You must have experienced an extraordinary moment with the birthday boy or girl, which you remember with great pleasure. Maybe it was the trip to the amusement park or the common lunch breaks, where there was always so much to laugh about. Friends and relatives will feel the same. Ask them to write down their memories with the birthday boy or girl and pick out photos. They will surely be happy about it.

Reportage: A wish that comes true

Friends and relatives have already told you which heart’s desire they will fulfill for the birthday child on his or her birthday? Then make an article about it so that the gift is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Photos and a little story about it fit well into your magazine. Gisela’s husband wants to surprise his sweetheart with a trip to the Maldives? Mom and Dad will give their son a week in Cancun with the boys? – Then insider tips and must-see places at his vacation destination should not be missed! By the way, we have a few templates on the topic of vacations, which you can customize in the editor according to your wishes for your gift report.

… and there is so much more

These are just a few of the many possible themes that will make your birthday newspaper a very special gift. Congratulations from other guests should not be missing in your magazine, or a horoscope for a look into the future.

With these tips you are well prepared to create your own birthday newspaper, aren’t you?