A special birthday present for grandma 

Finding a great birthday present for your grandparents is not an easy task. On the contrary, it is usually a real challenge. “We do not need anything” or “A visit is all we need” or “How about something homemade?” 

Something homemade – yes, that is the solution. A very personal, individually designed gift that is unique and guaranteed to be picked up again and again: a birthday magazine that you created yourself.

The perfect birthday present from all of us

Together with all children, grandchildren, cousins, uncles and aunts, you can create a magazine online for any birthday. Once the magazine is printed, distribute all your gift at the birthday party or send them by post if you cannot be there in person.

Everyone working together on a project. Made from Love.

With the Jilster Editor, you have an editorial room in which everyone – each on their own computer – can work together online on the birthday project. It’s super practical. All those involved just need a personal computer and a stable internet connection. Then you can get started. Whether everyone logs in at the same time or only one person at a time – everything is possible.

One (or more) of you will become editor-in-chief, create the magazine project in the editor and invite everyone else to participate by e-mail. And then it can start. You can find more information on the subject of “Editor-in-Chief” here.

A selection of magazine templates

The Jilster Editor is an intuitive, fully equipped graphics program in which there are also ready-made magazines as templates for many topics. You can use any page of the magazine templates in your project as often as you want. From this beautiful base, you can then design your own magazine: change the colors, choose other fonts, and many more.

Our graphic designers have created the magazine templates in different styles. Here you can browse through many of the available magazines to get an impression.

Content Inspiration for your Birthday Magazine

Do you already have ideas about what content you want to implement in the birthday newspaper for grandma? 

We have put together our favorite topics:

  • What was going on in grandma’s year of birth?
  • Photo pages with many pictures from the past
  • What did grandma experience? The milestones.
  • A personal crossword puzzle just for grandma
  • A congratulations page on which everyone leaves a greeting
  • Everyone tells: “My funniest story with grandma.”

Are you feeling inspired?