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What do you get your best friend on her wedding day? 40-Year-old Renate had a plan. She rustled up all of their friends and together they made a magazine featuring her best friend Melissa, who was getting married to the love of her life.

Friends for life

Renate moved in next to Melissa when she was only 3 years old. Now, 37 years later, they’re still good friends. Renate: “We’ve had our fair share of good times together. One of my favorites still has to be when we found out we were both pregnant with our first children at the same time! And last year we both got married, and so we both got to be each other’s bridesmaid. Truly a crowning year for our friendship!”.

Renate wanted to find a gift suited for Melissa. A gift worthy of their friendship. Renate: “Not just any gift. I was looking for something special you couldn’t just go and buy from a store. SOmething unique and personal.” Together with Melissa’s other friends she started work on a newspaper.

The benefits of a magazine

While they were working on the newspaper however, they ran into some problems. One of them was that they had too many text and photographs. Marieke, another one of Melissa’s friends, suggested they make a magazine. This format would enable them to fit all the text and photographs.

They shopped around for a magazine editing program, but quickly came to the decision to use Jilster. It was easier to use and cheaper than the alternatives. Renate: “We prefered Jilster because we could easily add our texts and images to the pages. We thought the editor looked cleaner too.”

Once they had discovered Jilster they dove into the project with gusto. According to Renate they may have been a bit too excited: “If we had taken a bit more time to get to know the editor, we probably would have done some things differently. I think we would have used the templates more, so the magazine would have looked a bit more put-together.”


Everyone contributed to the magazine. Melissa’s family members wrote stories and added photographs from her youth. Melissa’s friends then combined everything in the editor. Renate: “Because we let everyone contribute freely, it turned into a very diverse magazine, with no two pages alike.”

Her friends added some other pages too, like one filled with facebook comments, another with a crossword puzzle, and a horoscope page with predictions about Melissa and her husband’s marriage.

After the wedding, they gave the magazine to the newlyweds. Everyone was ecstatic. Renate: “Even handing over the magazine to Melissa was a great moment. Emotional too. It’s such a special thing to have all of our memories combined into a magazine and being able to leaf through them together while we enjoy some wine.”


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