“What mainly drove us to do this, I think, no, I know, is the friendship and love we each feel for Cindy. Combine all that friendship and love and what you get is a big fat wedding magazine”. Wendy, Rian and Maaike, along with 17 other women, made a wedding magazine for their friend Cindy.

Everyone has a part to play

Wendy studied graphic design so she was in charge of the design. Rian was in charge of getting in touch with the other girls and managing their pages, and Maaike was in charge of interviewing Cindy’s husband-to-be and their kids.

They had each of Cindy’s friends as well as her fiance and kids answer the same questions on their respective pages in the magazine.

The questions:

  • How do you know Cindy?
  • Describe Cindy in one word
  • What kind of dress do you think Cindy will wear?
  • What celebrity wouldn’t Cindy mind spending a night with?
  • What’s the last thing you and Cindy did/talked about together?
  • Why are Cindy and Martijn such a good match?

The cover page

There was quite a bit of back and forth when it came to the cover page. There were a ton of ideas, but ultimately Wendy’s idea was chosen. She suggested using a photo of Cindy in her wedding dress. But how were they going to make that happen? It was before the wedding, and they couldn’t risk Cindy finding out about the magazine.

They made a plan to try and convince Cindy to wear Rian’s wedding dress during her bachelorette party and it worked! They got a few photos and used the best one as the cover page.

Making a magazine together

“Working in the editor went well. We used the chat option a fair amount to discuss the contents of the magazine and Rian mainly used templates to design the magazine. She then tweaked them a bit to make them unique.”

“We gave Cindy her (and a little bit her husband’s too) wedding gift on the day of the wedding. It was a really special moment that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I got goosebumps!  Cindy was completely touched and pretty soon we were all holding back tears. So yes, I’m definitely making more of these magazines in the future.”