The most magical season is here – hold on to it

Autumn is cozy. We love this special season with its unique light, the orange-red-yellow color palette, the soft, earthy scents and the rising coolness when everything pulls us into our cozy home. We have creatively captured this special magic in a heart-warming magazine.

How is your autumn? Make a magazine about it.

Autumn beckons with delicious pumpkin – as a warming soup, spicy risotto, baked in the oven, or as juicy pumpkin bread, coated with fragrant cinnamon butter. Hot chili aromas, gentle cinnamon cashew nuts and lots of pumpkin luck.

Culinary autumn delights

Our autumn is especially outstanding in culinary terms. Do you have any special recipes that you only prepare in autumn? Do you perhaps also enjoy being with friends and family members – or cooking for them and then entertaining them at a sumptuously decorated table? Autumn invites you to pause, move less, spend time with loved ones, and wrap yourself in thick blankets and warm knitted sweaters.


Keep the autumn mood.

This time, the mood and the light – could it be captured forever? Yes, it can. Together with those who love the fall as much as you do, you can create your own autumn magazine. Put together a culinary collection of your best recipes and create a wonderful and personal cookbook. Complement it with your creative photos: of the meals served, of the preparation in which there will be a lot of laughter for sure, and do a special photoshoot in the forest or at the lake on a golden autumn day to create special pictures for your autumn magazine.

Our beautiful cover template & collaboration

In the Jilster Editor you have access to our inspiring, autumnal-warming magazine template (in the folder “Other Pages”). You can use them directly in your own magazine project. As editor-in-chief, invite friends and relatives to your creative project so that everyone can participate.


Do you still have questions?

You can contact us at any time with your questions and you will also find a lot of information, answers and suggestions in our FAQs.