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Family magazine: about us, by us

In view of all developments, we avoid physical contact with the elderly. The weekly visits to grandparents are also postponed. To give the elderly an ingsight to what is going on in the world of their (grand)children, you can make a magazine with pictures and stories from your daily family life. About us, by us […]

An unexpected and unforgettable surprise party

Party, party, party! You can always find an excuse for a good party, but you do have to hang up the garlands yourself. But maybe not always, someone might throw a surprise party for you! Or throw a surprise party yourself for someone! We’ll share a few tips right away. And as a bonus, a […]

How to make a movie poster with your students?

Nowadays, children no longer like reading. A nice film or series, on the other hand, often still has a good taste. A nice idea is to watch a film with the class and to have the pupils make a poster in groups afterwards. You can also let the students choose a film that they can […]

A magazine made with love

‘I love you’ are the perfect words to express your feelings to your partner. However, using them too often will cause the words to lose their meaning. In which other way can you show your partner how special he or she is to you? Show it with a magazine Valentine’s day is around the corner: […]

Cheers to 2019!

From all of us here at Jilster we’d like to say thank you for a wonderful year. Thanks to all the beautiful magazines you’ve made we can keep co-creating magazines for every occasion and continue to improve Jilster in 2019! Goodbye 2018 Looking back at the year 2018. It has been a year of innovation […]