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Halloween party ideas

With Halloween around the corner the pressure is on to give the spookiest Halloween party ever. While everyone’s go to party items are scary decorations and snacks, we’ve got a few other Halloween party ideas that are sure to delight your guests. Halloween party themes Halloween party themes, like scary movies, can vary from humorous, […]

Make the best birthday present

You’re looking for the best birthday present and how to make it. You must be looking for something very special. Maybe this birthday signals an important milestone, or maybe it’s because the present is meant for someone very special to you. Either way, you’re looking for a different kind of birthday present; the best one. […]

School Magazine: Interview and Student Life

We’ve compiled a list of spotlight interview and student life articles for a school magazine and instructions on how to write them: Spotlight interview article Interview a student or a group and write an article about them. The best place to start for your spotlight interview is by first choosing a student, group, or other […]

Step-by-step writing guide for magazines

We’ve noticed for many of our users that adding text to magazine pages can be quite a daunting task. Today we aim to show you that anyone can write text for their magazine. Our main goal here, after all, is to enable users, regardless of experience or know-how, to create their very own magazine. We’d […]

New Project: ‘Working Internship’ Magazines

How do teachers prepare their students for working life when they themselves have little to no experience working for companies? A new project at the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN) aims to find a solution. ‘Working internships’ allow students to experience working at various companies and compile their experience in their own magazine. Teachers […]

Meet Pamela: Our Marketeer

Pamela is our resident marketeer. She creates content, analyzes website traffic and heads the creation of promotional material for Jilster’s Dutch and English language websites. She also works together with her German colleagues for the German side of marketing. Meet Pamela Pamela Pietersz (29) started as an intern at Jilster about 4 years ago. After […]

Create your own custom word search

Games with words are trending. Open any newspaper or magazine and chances are there will be at least one word search in there. They’re a tried and true crowd pleaser, and a great addition to your own magazine too! Find a custom word search creator Use an online word puzzle generator like this one on […]

How to format text in your magazine

First impressions are important. We all know that. All it takes is two seconds for us to get an impression of someone, and based on that we make decisions on whether or not someone, or something, is worth our time. So, in order to make sure your story is heard, or in the case of […]