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What’s your story? Thinking and talking about the old days is something we all do. Everybody has their own life story. Even you. Far-reaching events, joyful and sad experiences, they occur in everyone’s life. They are a treasure trove of precious memories. Would you like to capture them? For yourself, for the children or the […]

Business promotion

Is entrepreneurship in your blood and did you start your own business? It is important that you also think carefully about what you want to represent as a company. With Jilster you can easily create your own business promotion, such as a company brochure, staff magazine or annual report. Promote your company in your own […]

Meet our new intern

Jilster’s team recently has a new intern. Meet the enthusiastic and eager to learn Emma Selhorst. Emma is 23 years old and will be an intern at Jilster for the next six months. During her study Communication & Multimedia Design she specializes in various fields, such as programming, visual design, psychology of interactions and user […]

Interview tips

You can’t escape it. You’ll have to do an interview for school. If you want to continue studying after school, it is useful to know how to conduct an interview. You learn that by doing it. Be well prepared No interview goes well without good preparation. Think about what you want to know and write […]


school project magazine

Leave a lasting impression with a school project magazine Do you want your school project to stand out amongst the others? With the help of Jilster, you can make an impression. A magazine is a unique and fun way to introduce others to a certain subject or theme.  An important part of a good school […]