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We’ve compiled a list of student articles for a school magazine and instructions on how to write them:

  • Opinions on new governmental policies

Go to the government website of your country. Choose a topic that seems interesting and browse the government plans, news and documents related to that topic until you find an article that you want to write about.

To start your article for school magazine begin by writing down, in your own words, your understanding of the article. Then answer the following questions: Why did you choose this article? What is your opinion on the topic in the article. Do you think it’s good or bad? Explain why.

  • Stories that are trending

Go to Google Trends and select your country, or a country you find interesting. You could also filter by categories you find interesting. Find a trending topic and use this for your article for a school magazine.

Find a topic and write down, in your own words, what you think of this topic. How does it relate to how things were in the past? Why do you think this topic is trending now? Do you think this topic will be tending for a long time? Always give a reason why along with your opinion.

  • Social issues like dating, religion, diversity etc.

You can start this article for a school magazine before doing any research. First write down, in your own words, what you think of when you think of the above social issues. What do you know about dating? What do you know about religion? What do you know about diversity? What is your opinion on these social issues? Do you have any personal experiences related to these social issues that you would like to share?

If you find it difficult to write about these topics, explain why. This too is valuable information that you could share.

Alternatively you could try searching online for ‘dating’ and then write about what comes up. In my case the search results contained a lot of dating sites. This is an interesting topic to write about. What do you think about dating sites? Do you have any personal experience using them? Are they good or bad? Why?

  • School policy and rules

Go to your school website and look up your school policy and rules. If your school’s website does not list the policies and rules, or your school doesn’t have a website, ask your teacher where you can find this information.

You could also write about why there isn’t a school website or why the school policies and rules are not listed on the website.

If you are able to find your school’s policies and rules, choose a specific rule or policy and write down, in your own words, what the policy or rule is. Do you agree with it? Why? How do you think this policy or rule affects the students at your school? Do you think it is a good or bad policy or rule? Why?

  • School classes and subjects

Pick a class or subject you enjoy and explain what it’s about. Write about what you like about and what you don’t like about it. Is there anything you would change about the class to improve it? Do some research on the subject and find out when you would need the information taught in this class later in life. Are there any specific jobs for which you need this subject?

Address the students that will be reading your article. Compile a few tips to make it easier for them to get good grades for the class, or add a fun ‘did you know?’ section to your article about the subject.

  • What makes a good teacher/principal?

Imagine if you were a teacher or principal for a day. What do you think a day in their life looks like? You could try to get an appointment with a teacher or the principal and interview them about their job.

What are some unexpected things that are also part of their job? What are some things that you would enjoy doing? What are things you wouldn’t enjoy? Is there anything you would do differently if you were to have their job for a day?

Do you have any personal experiences with a teacher or the principal? Did you think they did a good job or not? Why? What would you do differently?

  • What makes a good student?

First write down what you think makes the perfect student. Do you think you are a good student? Why? Do you know anyone else who is a very good student? Why? Do you know anyone who is a very bad student? Why?

Interview some of your friends, classmates and teachers to find out what they think makes a good student. Comparing the results from these interviews can be very interesting, since a teacher may have different opinions on what makes a good student compared to one of your friends or classmates.

Jilster Template Examples

Get started on your school magazine! Log in to (or create) your free account, start your magazine, and click on ‘edit’ on any page. Add a text block to your page (or use a template) and use the tips above to start writing your student article. Invite classmates to edit their own pages and watch as your very own school magazine takes shape!