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Celebrate the newlyweds; create a a wedding magazine with friends and family showcasing photos, memories and wishes

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Celebrate an anniversary with a unique gift from family and friends; a personalised magazine showcasing photos and memories

Anniversary gift idea: make a personalised magazine

Wedding gift idea: that’s what you’re searching for. Jilster’s online magazine editor allows you to create a personalised magazine for any occasion, including, you guessed it, weddings. Getting started is easy. Register for a free account and start your first magazine right away. You can create a wedding magazine invitation too.

Create your own wedding invitation magazine.

You can create a wedding invitation magazine consisting of 4 (or more) pages. Add beautiful photos and the details of the wedding to pages in the online editor. Print the wedding invitation magazine and then send the invitation to friends and family. You can choose to send a digital version of the magazine to friends and family too.

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What does a printed personalised wedding
magazine look like?

We print high quality magazines and books. You get to choose what your personalised wedding magazine looks like. Your personalised wedding magazine can be printed in various formats. Click on the images below for more information on each format.

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Looking for a unique wedding gift idea?
Make a personalised magazine!

Picture this: it’s the wedding day.

Everyone has received their wedding invitation magazine and arrived at the wedding. The bride and groom have said their ‘I do’s’ and now the wedding party is in full swing. The moment has arrived for speeches and gifts. You search for a personalised wedding gift idea is about to pay off. As you convey your best wishes to the new bride and groom you hand them a beautiful magazine. They take a closer look and they see that it’s them on the cover of the magazine. As they begin to leaf through the magazine they find photos of time they’ve spent together, interviews with family and friends, personalised quizzes and so much more. A real magazine dedicated to them, made by their friends and family.

Invite friends and family

This wedding gift idea allows family and friends to help too! Send e-mail invitations from the online editor and chat with them in the chatbox. Assign one page (or more) to each friend or family member and watch the wedding gift magazine come to life! Each contributor can add their own photos and texts and write a fun message congratulating the happy couple.

Wedding gift magazine in 3 steps:
How do you make a wedding gift magazine?

We’ve compiled some tips to help
you get started on making your
own wedding magazine with Jilster.


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  • Step 1

    Get started by creating an account.

    Using the online editor is free. Creating an online magazine is free too. You only pay once you order a PDF file or printed version of your magazine.

  • Step 2

    Invite friends and family…

    …if you want to make the wedding magazine together. From inside the online editor you can send an invite to edit one or more pages. You can add a personalised message too.

    Use the chatbox inside the online editor to send messages to friends and family that are already working on their pages in the magazine.

  • Step 3

    Upload your own images, add your own texts and create your own layout.

    Start with blank pages or use the wedding themed templates and clip art to get started.

    Once you’ve completed your magazine you can order a real printed copy. Choose from various formats, share your magazine online (optional) and give a gift that they will never forget.

Join over 450.000 users
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Do you have a question?

Check out the Jilster FAQ. The FAQ has a lot of information on the entire magazine process from start to finish. It also contains information on working together in the online editor!

Looking for inspiration?

Check out the tips and tricks section. It’s updated regularly with tips and tricks to help you use the online editor to make the perfect magazine. Including tips on design, layout and content!

Share your experience!

Have you already made a magazine or book with Jilster? We’d like to know what you think about the process. Contact us and let us know! Your story could also be featured on the website.

Invite friends and family to make a beautiful magazine together. 

Create your own magazine together.