Our mission

As a media-platform we help all to create their stories together, as beautiful and as easy as possible, so they can make something or someone shine.

For whom?

For a person you love or appreciate. So it can also be a self-portrait; a story about your life or an event. Just start with a few pages and publish. You’ll expand on it from there. Let your story come to life through images and events – digital and tangible.

It can also be a project or an occasion. At school, at work or in the family. For example, we strive for Jilster to facilitate a stage so that a student, a teacher or the school itself can shine. The same applies to colleagues, friends and family.

Our core values

A unique magazine you create together – with Jilster

Helping users to create it as beautiful as possible so that the recipient is touched and/or moved. It is the inside and outside that are both important. Less is more (beautiful) because it touches or entertains the individual more. We have no opinion on what is beautiful, because we are never the publisher.


The platform is intended to create media together. It is the purpose of our model to increase the number of users through co-creation. It is at the core of our brand because we strive to let the other shine, and therefore also backwards. The value of that connection is important to all connected to Jilster.


The access and usage of our platform is open and free. And so is Jilster as a whole. It is at the heart of making beautiful design accessible to all. It is the most intangible part of Jilster. It contains openness, humor, casual, raw and candour.


Create your own magazine together.