Make your own birthday calendar

It is more beautiful than the calendar function in the smartphone and still really practical – a real birthday calendar. At a glance you can see which birthdays are coming up this month and who you could get a little something for. It becomes especially personal when you design it yourself, with your own photos and your ideas!

Beautiful templates in the Jilster Editor

In the Jilster editor you will find in the magazine templates category “Other pages” several pages for a perpetual calendar. You can use them in your newly created magazine project. Don’t be surprised: The professionally laid out pages are tilted to the left. On the left side of each double page of a magazine you place a full page photo (rotated 180 degrees to the left) and on the right side the calendar. Or you can decide to place a calendar on the left side as well. This way you will see two months at once when your calendar is finished.

All birthdays always visible: Instructions for designing a whole calendar

You have to create a new magazine with 26 pages in the Jilster Editor and design a total of twelve of these double pages – one for each month of the year. The first page will be the cover page and the 26th will be the back of the calendar. As a photo you simply choose a seasonal picture every month or the favorite person who has his or her birthday in that month.

In the calendar grid, you can easily change the month’s headline and use the tools in the right sidebar to choose a color or font.

The most important birthdays can now be entered into the calendar with a text field. That way it’s nice and tidy. Anniversaries can also be included

Alternative design option

If you want to design your birthday calendar even more freely, you will find various grids in the drop-down list in the “Themes” section under “Calendar”, which you can use as a practical basis for your creative ideas. Then the calendar is ready for printing. The glossy magazine version is particularly attractive

Decorating your room with the calendar

With a hole punch you can punch a hole in the middle of the long, fold-out page of your finished and printed calendar. You can then hang your own birthday calendar on a nail in the wall.