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  • New! Next business day printing

    From now on we print your magazines and hardcover books every business day. Order your magazines before 12:00 PM noon (UTC +01:00) and they’ll be shipped within the week!
  • The best gift for mom's 80th: her own personalized magazine

    Most birthday gifts for mothers consist of flowers or household appliances, but for true fashionista mothers celebrating a milestone, only a personalized magazine will do! Elles and her daughter did just that for her mother's 80th birthday and you can too.
  • Nieuw: Verjaardagssjabloon

    We voegen regelmatig nieuwe sjablonen en illustraties toe aan de redactie ruimte. Nu is het weer zo ver. Er is een nieuwe verjaardagssjabloon bij gekomen. Bekijk (en gebruik) het zelf!
  • Thank you for a wonderful 2016!

    From all of us here at Jilster we’d like to say thank you for a wonderful year. Thanks to all the beautiful magazines you’ve made we can keep co-creating magazines for every occasion and continue to develop Jilster to make it even better in 2017!
  • Start your own business magazine

    Whether you’re looking for a way to create a magazine for your company or you want to create a magazine from scratch, we can help.
  • Top 3 free image editing tools that are easy to use

    If you’re working on a magazine you may want to be able to edit the photos and images you upload into your magazine. Here are 3 free image editing tools that are easy to use.
  • 40 Ideas and topics for a school magazine

    Are you thinking of making a school magazine and looking for ideas and inspiration for the contents? We’ve compiled a list of of over 40 magazine ideas for a school project.
  • Why you should give the gift of a time capsule magazine

    The other day we came across the story of a teen who received an incredible gift on her birthday: a time capsule.
  • 5 Tips for a professional magazine cover

    It’s the most important page of a magazine: the cover! We have some tips to help you make your magazine cover look like magazines in stores.
  • New! Updated Jilster Guide and FAQ

    Got a question about how to make a magazine, work together in Jilster or important features? Check out our new updated guide with slideshows and FAQ!

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