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  • Thank you for a wonderful 2016!

    From all of us here at Jilster we’d like to say thank you for a wonderful year. Thanks to all the beautiful magazines you’ve made we can keep co-creating magazines for every occasion and continue to develop Jilster to make it even better in 2017!
  • Start your own business magazine

    Whether you’re looking for a way to create a magazine for your company or you want to create a magazine from scratch, we can help.
  • Top 3 free image editing tools that are easy to use

    If you’re working on a magazine you may want to be able to edit the photos and images you upload into your magazine. Here are 3 free image editing tools that are easy to use.
  • 40 Ideas and topics for a school magazine

    Are you thinking of making a school magazine and looking for ideas and inspiration for the contents? We’ve compiled a list of of over 40 magazine ideas for a school project.
  • Why you should give the gift of a time capsule magazine

    The other day we came across the story of a teen who received an incredible gift on her birthday: a time capsule.
  • 5 Tips for a professional magazine cover

    It’s the most important page of a magazine: the cover! We have some tips to help you make your magazine cover look like magazines in stores.
  • New! Updated Jilster Guide and FAQ

    Got a question about how to make a magazine, work together in Jilster or important features? Check out our new updated guide with slideshows and FAQ!
  • New magazine template for a special wedding gift

    Should wedding gifts be practical or special? Read on to find out and preview our newest wedding magazine template. Use these beautifully designed pages to create a unique wedding gift for that special day.
  • New wedding anniversary magazine template

    Use this new magazine template to make a beautiful wedding anniversary magazine. It’s a wedding gift they’ll never forget.
  • New business magazine template

    Use this template to make a business themed magazine. Make a lasting impression on employees, customers and partners.

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