It’s the most important page of a magazine: the cover! We have some tips to help you make your magazine cover look like the magazines in stores. These tips are great for any kind of magazine cover, including a birthday magazine, wedding magazine or school magazine.

The image below is a good comparison between a good magazine cover and a bad one. The text is in Dutch, but even so it’s obvious which one is the better example.

cover dos vs donts magazine cover 5 tips jilster magazine

Tip 1: Play around with the title of your magazine

Every magazine has a name. A powerful title that says something about the contents of the magazine. To make the title stand out, use a font with body. A bold font has a better effect than a thin, elegant font.

Does your magazine title have more than one word? Then consider experimenting with multiple fonts. This can give your title something extra. If you’re tied to a title that isn’t as interesting as you’d like, you can still use different font types and sizes to create a good looking title.

Tip 2: Choose a high quality and appealing photo or illustration

A good magazine cover consists of 70% visuals and 30% text. So it’s important that the photo or illustration you choose can be displayed at full size so it will stand out, a so-called ‘eye-catcher’. Avoid an image with a busy background, a photo with too many people or confusing visuals.

Tip 3: Use teaser text

A teaser on your cover gives the reader a glimpse into the content of the magazine and makes them curious about your magazine. Add a few teasers on the cover about different subjects. This way there will always be a teaser that interests your readers. Make these teaser texts short but sweet!

Tip 4: Get creative with the typography

Use different font sizes, keep it to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 different sizes. Combine capital letters with normal sized letters for variety and add a bit of color.

When you’re done, make sure to check that the text is still legible in combination with the background of the image. Make sure there is enough contrast between the background and the text.

Tip 5: Look at other magazine covers in stores for inspiration!

Professionally made covers can teach you everything you need to know about magazine covers. Look at the layout, typography and use of color.

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