Our brain likes pictures

Did you know that our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text? That’s why we are more likely to read an article with lots of photos when we flip through a magazine. We can simply assign what it’s about more quickly. You can use this to make your reports, articles and interviews particularly interesting. But how do you choose the right images for your articles?

Tip 1: Tell the right story

It is important that the photos you choose fit your story and support the message of your article. An example: If you’re planning a story about a summer vacation, you shouldn’t use the photos from your last skiing trip. Your readers will quickly get the feeling that something is wrong with your report. Photos from your last beach vacation in Mexico are more suitable. – Logical, right?

Tip 2: Write the text first

There is a simple reason for this: the number and size of the photos can be easily changed at any time. Shortening or lengthening a text is probably harder for you. Therefore our tip: First write your text, add it to the page in the online editor and adjust font size and font. Now you can see exactly how much space you have left for photos.

Tip 3: Less is more

When it comes to the number of photos: Less is more. Pictures are beautiful. But too many pictures are too much and overload the site. That’s why it’s better to limit the number of photos to a few selected ones.

Tip 4: Use high resolution photos

Make sure that the photos you use in the magazine are of good quality. The lighting conditions, the subject, the cropping … all this should be optimal. It is also advisable to pay attention to the resolution. This should be as high as possible to look good in the printed magazine! The photos should have at least 300 dpi.

Tip 5: The right colors

If photos have been taken for the same occasion with different devices (smartphones, cameras), it is very likely that the display of colors will differ. This may be due to settings and (automatic) filters. For example, the same color can appear in different photos sometimes light green, sometimes grey, sometimes turquoise. In this case, the colors of the images do not match, of course. Fortunately, there are simple online programs with which anyone can easily edit and adjust photos to each other.

Tip 6: The perspective is what counts

Not only the color palette, but also the perspective of your photos is important. For a reportage you can use a nice mix of panorama, full body and detailed photos. What you choose depends on different aspects. The different types of photos have different effects on people:


Panoramic shots are usually taken of landscapes. They are particularly suitable for capturing the atmosphere or mood of a situation so that the viewer can get a good overview. A panorama looks especially great when you pull it over a double page.

Full body images

So that a vacation report between all the other contributions in the wedding newspaper is also noticeable, a summer full body photo of the future bride pair can be placed full-page as Eyecatcher. Thus it becomes immediately clear to everyone what this article is about: Bride and groom on vacation. Your main subject should always take up the largest part of the picture so that your readers can see at first glance which is the most important part of the photo. Some photos are better cropped to bring your main subject into focus.

Detailed photos

Close-ups of faces or details make your article really interesting! They show little things that the normal viewer might miss under certain circumstances. The right close-ups support your message!

Now it’s your turn!

Once again summarized. When choosing the photos for your article you should pay attention to the following:

-Choose photos that fit your theme.

-Write the text first, so you know how much space is left for the pictures.

-It’s better to use fewer but larger images.

-Use photos with high resolution.

-Choose pictures that match in color.

-Use a mix of panoramic, full-body and detail photos.

Often is the simplest thing the most wonderful

You have decided to create your own magazine with the Jilster Editor. Have you already clicked through the beautiful magazine templates and maybe decided on one of them? Maybe you like the simple but high-quality professional layouts

Our simple templates for your magazine

We like our colorful and cheerful templates. But we love our pure, simple and plain magazine templates. The soft colors with the more intense accents. The calm fonts… The simple, elegant magazine templates that leave so much room for creativity are ideal for enhancing the impact of your photos and stories. The elegant layouts by professionals are not only wonderful, but also changeable.

Customize an elegant magazine template

Choose one of our simple magazine layouts and make it your own project. Of course you can do this by filling the pages with your own photos and text and placing the appropriate pages of the template in your project.

Add your personal touch

You can easily give the finished magazine template a personal touch and gie it your own layout. This is not difficult at all. The Jilster Editor is a real graphics program that offers a lot of possibilities and is intuitive to use. Use a page of the magazine template into your own project and then you can play around a bit: Decide on a different color for the accents. or change the color of the background. You can also customize the font, or even convert all of them. This way you create your own simple magazine.

A tip to save time

Once you have found the style that you really like and you have your perfectly designed magazine page, save it. Now open another empty page in your magazine project and transfer your already designed page from “My Pages” to this page. This way you can duplicate the layout page by page. Probably one layout will not fit all pages of your own magazine. In this case, take another designed page from the original magazine template and change exactly the same elements that you changed on the first page (font, color, background).

Make your own birthday calendar

It is more beautiful than the calendar function in the smartphone and still really practical – a real birthday calendar. At a glance you can see which birthdays are coming up this month and who you could get a little something for. It becomes especially personal when you design it yourself, with your own photos and your ideas!

Beautiful templates in the Jilster Editor

In the Jilster editor you will find in the magazine templates category “Other pages” several pages for a perpetual calendar. You can use them in your newly created magazine project. Don’t be surprised: The professionally laid out pages are tilted to the left. On the left side of each double page of a magazine you place a full page photo (rotated 180 degrees to the left) and on the right side the calendar. Or you can decide to place a calendar on the left side as well. This way you will see two months at once when your calendar is finished.

All birthdays always visible: Instructions for designing a whole calendar

You have to create a new magazine with 26 pages in the Jilster Editor and design a total of twelve of these double pages – one for each month of the year. The first page will be the cover page and the 26th will be the back of the calendar. As a photo you simply choose a seasonal picture every month or the favorite person who has his or her birthday in that month.

In the calendar grid, you can easily change the month’s headline and use the tools in the right sidebar to choose a color or font.

The most important birthdays can now be entered into the calendar with a text field. That way it’s nice and tidy. Anniversaries can also be included

Alternative design option

If you want to design your birthday calendar even more freely, you will find various grids in the drop-down list in the “Themes” section under “Calendar”, which you can use as a practical basis for your creative ideas. Then the calendar is ready for printing. The glossy magazine version is particularly attractive

Decorating your room with the calendar

With a hole punch you can punch a hole in the middle of the long, fold-out page of your finished and printed calendar. You can then hang your own birthday calendar on a nail in the wall.

Merry Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa!

It should be something special

“What are we giving Grandma and Grandpa?” – You probably have this question just before Christmas. Then you’ll have to worry your head, because grandparents have already everything. They say they don’t want anything, and yet you, as a family, would naturally like to give them a very personal and special gift for Christmas. It should make their eyes shine and really bring them joy.

The perfect Christmas present for grandma and grandpa and other relatives

And there is nevertheless, the nicest and guaranteed suitable gift for the grandparents. Something to look at again and again, something that is unique and whose contents are completely personal, is a self-designed magazine. Everyone can participate. You are the editorial team as a family. You know Grandma and Grandpa (or Aunt Lucie and cousin John) best, you know what they like and what they want to read.

A self-designed magazine – the perfect Christmas present: The content for the Christmas magazine for the grandparents

You are completely free to decide what you want to include in the magazine. Whether you put together a review of the year with many snapshots of you all and texts about what you all experienced together, e.g. vacations, family celebrations, big events ….

…. or a really opulent Christmas magazine that is all about this topic and is filled with your favorite Christmas recipes, letters to Santa Claus, funny Christmas greeting photos, reviews of the Christmas celebrations in the past years ….

…. or whether you might decide to do something completely different and create your own puzzle booklet with crosswords, guessing stories, puzzle pages and other playful content, because grandparents love it so much.

Design the content of your magazine for the grandparents for Christmas exactly the way you like it.

This is how you design the magazine

In the Jilster Editor you can put together the magazine as a Christmas present. One of you becomes the editor-in-chief and invites the others. Then everyone can work on the project online and from anywhere: Upload photos and texts and help design the layout.

With the Jilster Editor you have a great graphics program that is intuitive and easy to use. In the editor, you will also find a large selection of professionally designed magazine templates. Pick the one you like best and use it as a base. Change colors and fonts to customize the magazine exactly the way you like it.

Decide on a version

When you have finished designing, checking and proofreading the magazine, you decide in which version you want to print the gift: as a stapled magazine, a glossy magazine or a bound book.

The most important thing: Get started now

It’s still a long way until Christmas, you might think. Time will slip between your fingers. Don’t take too much time and start soon, so that you can work on your magazine project in a relaxed and joyful way, without stress. Just click on the button below.

Your words in a cloud – word cloud

What is a word cloud?

Word clouds have been around for almost twenty years and were created as a practical tool for visualizing topics. Instead of making a list, a word cloud visually presents keywords. Not only does it look great, but it is also pretty helpful. Word clouds, also termed tag clouds, and they place words in alphabetical order while emphasizing terms through letter size and color choice. 

What do you do with a word cloud?

Word clouds are often displayed on websites and blogs, acting as a guide. Since all the terms are gathered together, the word cloud gives you a glance of what is to come.  The words that appear most frequently will appear larger and can also be used to help you easily see the words you want to use. 

Word clouds can inspire your magazine

We often use word clouds for inspiration. For example, we can input keywords for topics such as a birthday, wedding, graduation, or business and the word cloud will help you focus on the right words. It will also help the reader understand the importance of your topic more clearly. You can also place it in a self-designed magazine, such as in the table of contents surrounded by great photos.

This is how you make your own word cloud.

You don’t have to invest a lot of time counting words or evaluating lists to create a word cloud. There are numerous tools online that can create a word cloud for free with just a few clicks based upon a keyword list or glossary. Wordle, TagCrowd or Tagul are, for example, are so-called word cloud generators.

You can try out their options while changing the font, size, and colors. Then place your word cloud in your magazine. 

Important to remember when working in the school newspaper team

You can never start early enough.

Even if it seems that you still have a lot of time until the printing deadline, it is never too early to start preparing the school’s newspaper as time can easily slip through your fingers.


The editorial team can’t be too big.

Does a school newspaper team already exist? Was there a large turn out for the first (virtual) meeting of the newspaper and the editorial team resulted with a vast number of classmates? Too many? Do not worry. They will reduce by themselves. You can be sure that quite a few more will leave you before the press deadline because sometimes teammates change committees or do not have time anymore. Therefore, you shouldn’t divide all tasks in detail yet in the beginning. You should, however, appoint the editor-in-chief or the editor-in-chief team as early as possible. They are the basis for the school magazine.

Organize the topics

Nevertheless, you can roughly plan and distribute tasks. It would be best if you divide into groups. Have a group that can take care of the layout; another can collect content, write and research; one group for photographers and another group to take care of the finances. 


Collaborate online with your editorial team

There are great tools that allow you to work together on your school magazine online right from your home without having to meet in person. Tools like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet make it possible to meet online, present results, show drafts and exchange ideas. You can plan regular meetings to discuss the progress of the magazine and to assign upcoming tasks.

Work together online in the school newspaper

And the Jilster editor is online as well. In the Jilster Editor, all team members have access to your school magazine project. To ensure that nothing gets mixed up, you can assign individual pages of the magazine to the editorial team members, filled with texts or photos. This way, you can work effectively.


A complete overview all the time  

At the same time, you can keep an overview. The editors-in-chief can see all pages and always knows what’s in the school magazine and what is still missing. Not only is this practical, but it also saves you time.