New ways of working in crazy times

Many of us have not been in the office for months and are work from home. For some, that’s quite a change. – Corona puts us all in a new situation. Work structures are turned upside down, and we have sought new ways to live in a “new normal” society.

Working in times of Corona is different. 

Covid-19 turned everything upside down. In March 2020, many of us grabbed our laptops, cell phones, and the most important documents and prepared to work from home. Since then, we have communicated with teams mainly virtually with help from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and many other tools. 

The workplace has changed.

Everyone used to work in the office. Today it is like this: A cozy corner at the kitchen table or a nice desk corner by the window with plants and a beautiful view – the workplaces resemble the people working on them. Do you know how your colleagues feel in their home office and how they work there?

 How are your colleagues doing in their home office? 

You are in close communication day after day, with a steady internet connection – some teams leave the video lines open all day and have lunch together online as they are used to in the meeting room. Who would have thought that this would be the new normal a year ago?

Working around Corona 

Take advantage of this unusual situation and bring the whole office together on one project. Document your “new normal” and tell each other how you are really doing. Take pictures of your workplaces at home and give each other your insider tips on how you cope. Create a magazine that gives courage, strengthens cohesion, exudes joy, and creates a memory of this weird time.

Create a working-from-home magazine together online

You design your own magazine about working in the home office in the same process as you are currently using: everyone responsible for themselves and yet all online together. In the Jilster Editor, as many individuals can work together on a magazine project. However, you only need one person to create the project and become editor-in-chief, who can then invites the others by e-mail.

The editor – creating magazines.

In our editor, you can design any magazine you want. Our easy-to-use online editor offers many options of professionally designed magazine templates that you can use as a basis and starting point for your own project.

Our beautiful magazine template

Our graphic designers have specially designed a new magazine template in which everything revolves around working from the home office. It is filled with great sections, ideas, and inspiration. You can use this as a starting point for your own home office magazine and then really get started. The magazine template can be found in the Jilster editor. Click on the button below and get started right away!

A special birthday present for grandma 

Finding a great birthday present for your grandparents is not an easy task. On the contrary, it is usually a real challenge. “We do not need anything” or “A visit is all we need” or “How about something homemade?” 

Something homemade – yes, that is the solution. A very personal, individually designed gift that is unique and guaranteed to be picked up again and again: a birthday magazine that you created yourself.

The perfect birthday present from all of us

Together with all children, grandchildren, cousins, uncles and aunts, you can create a magazine online for any birthday. Once the magazine is printed, distribute all your gift at the birthday party or send them by post if you cannot be there in person.

Everyone working together on a project. Made from Love.

With the Jilster Editor, you have an editorial room in which everyone – each on their own computer – can work together online on the birthday project. It’s super practical. All those involved just need a personal computer and a stable internet connection. Then you can get started. Whether everyone logs in at the same time or only one person at a time – everything is possible.

One (or more) of you will become editor-in-chief, create the magazine project in the editor and invite everyone else to participate by e-mail. And then it can start. You can find more information on the subject of “Editor-in-Chief” here.

A selection of magazine templates

The Jilster Editor is an intuitive, fully equipped graphics program in which there are also ready-made magazines as templates for many topics. You can use any page of the magazine templates in your project as often as you want. From this beautiful base, you can then design your own magazine: change the colors, choose other fonts, and many more.

Our graphic designers have created the magazine templates in different styles. Here you can browse through many of the available magazines to get an impression.

Content Inspiration for your Birthday Magazine

Do you already have ideas about what content you want to implement in the birthday newspaper for grandma? 

We have put together our favorite topics:

  • What was going on in grandma’s year of birth?
  • Photo pages with many pictures from the past
  • What did grandma experience? The milestones.
  • A personal crossword puzzle just for grandma
  • A congratulations page on which everyone leaves a greeting
  • Everyone tells: “My funniest story with grandma.”

Are you feeling inspired?

The most magical season is here – hold on to it

Autumn is cozy. We love this special season with its unique light, the orange-red-yellow color palette, the soft, earthy scents and the rising coolness when everything pulls us into our cozy home. We have creatively captured this special magic in a heart-warming magazine.

How is your autumn? Make a magazine about it.

Autumn beckons with delicious pumpkin – as a warming soup, spicy risotto, baked in the oven, or as juicy pumpkin bread, coated with fragrant cinnamon butter. Hot chili aromas, gentle cinnamon cashew nuts and lots of pumpkin luck.

Culinary autumn delights

Our autumn is especially outstanding in culinary terms. Do you have any special recipes that you only prepare in autumn? Do you perhaps also enjoy being with friends and family members – or cooking for them and then entertaining them at a sumptuously decorated table? Autumn invites you to pause, move less, spend time with loved ones, and wrap yourself in thick blankets and warm knitted sweaters.


Keep the autumn mood.

This time, the mood and the light – could it be captured forever? Yes, it can. Together with those who love the fall as much as you do, you can create your own autumn magazine. Put together a culinary collection of your best recipes and create a wonderful and personal cookbook. Complement it with your creative photos: of the meals served, of the preparation in which there will be a lot of laughter for sure, and do a special photoshoot in the forest or at the lake on a golden autumn day to create special pictures for your autumn magazine.

Our beautiful cover template & collaboration

In the Jilster Editor you have access to our inspiring, autumnal-warming magazine template (in the folder “Other Pages”). You can use them directly in your own magazine project. As editor-in-chief, invite friends and relatives to your creative project so that everyone can participate.


Do you still have questions?

You can contact us at any time with your questions and you will also find a lot of information, answers and suggestions in our FAQs.

Get started with the yearbook now!

Your senior year has started. Now is the perfect time to start planning for the school newspaper. In the end, good preparation saves time. First you take care of the organizational part, then you put together the content for the year book, followed by the layout, the final touches and the printing. – At Jilster you get great support for all phases. You don’t need more.

Use the Jilster Editor to design your yearbook together

At Jilster, you can work with many editors at the same time online on yearbook in the Jilster editor. Everyone can upload their own texts and photos on the pages that have been assigned to them. There are also great layout templates. This saves you time and organizational effort. You can also order the printed copies from us. – Very easy


Step by step


The most important thing is the schedule. First think about when your yearbouk has to be ready. Plan a buffer of at least three weeks – you will need that at least, believe me – and do the math backwards. Allow time for corrections and checking so that everything is complete. Think about time for a photo shoot with everyone, calculate writing time for the authors of the articles, for collecting old photos, funny anecdotes, for evaluating old class books … You should start slowly now, right?



Who will be the chief editor?


One of you becomes the chief editor or you form a team of chief editors – and then you create the project in the Jilster editor. Everyone who would like to actively participate in the yearbook is invited to Jilster and set up their own account. Then you can work directly in the layout later.


Content of your yearbook


You have probably already checked the yearbooks of the years ahead of you and thought about which yearbook content you would like reuse, right? There are always a few classics: portraits of all students, articles about courses and graduation trips, hit lists, etc. Collect your ideas and topic wishes early so that you can implement everything.

Layouts and templates

In the Jilster Editor you have access to our magazine templates. In addition to yearbooks, you will also find other topics. Don’t be afraid to contact us. All magazine layouts can be adapted for any topic – that’s a promise. You can assign the layout individually for each individual page of your yearbook. So you can duplicate the pages as often as you want. You can of course also bring in your own design ideas. The Jilster Editor is a graphics program that offers countless creative possibilities. Operation is intuitive – so give it a try.


Working together


You don’t need a lot to take part in the yearbook project: a computer and a stable internet connection. So every editor can work from wherever he or she is. You can also work in the editor at the same time and thus grow your yearbook sentence by sentence, photo by photo. And in this way your collaboration grows page by page.


You only pay for what you get


You can use the Jilster Editor free of charge to design your yearbook. You only incur costs when you place the print order or buy a PDF.


Just test Jilster for free and discover the many possibilities that the editor offers you. If you have any questions – about the design, printing, etc., contact our customer service at the bottom right. We’re happy to help.




How was your summer? Time on the balcony, feet in the paddling pool, a cold drink, and an exciting book in your hand? At the lake with friends doing water sports? Any excursions, exciting encounters, or possibly a road trip through your own homeland or even across the USA? Perhaps you had exciting conversations or picked up new hobbies? Or did you even get on a plane and take a trip to a neighbor country?

 That was my summer

And how was your summer? Did you enjoy it? Would you like to remember those special days – and maybe remember it together with your partner or best friend? Keep your summer alive and preserve the beautiful, carefree, brightly warm, and fragrant days for the darker, cooler times that will definitely come. Bring all of your summer days to live in a self-designed magazine! Create the most beautiful photo collages with the funniest snapshots and even write down your individual experiences. From beautiful and memorable times to even the sad times- and then make a summer magazine out of it. 

Your self-made memory of the summer

Of course, you can put together your summer reminder magazine just for yourself and use it as a picture and reading book for yourself. But it can also be a wonderful (birthday) gift for someone who is very loved and with whom you share unforgettable memories. Surprise them with the fact that you have summarized your very special summer with trips, activities, discussions, and much more and collected it into a beautiful magazine. I bet that this will be an exceptional gift that will be remembered for years to come and will be picked up and read again and again.

 Just do it together 

You spent and enjoyed this beautiful summer not alone, but with one or more other people. Would you like to celebrate it with these special people and remember them together? Then tell them about your idea of creating a memory magazine for the best summer of your life. Invite everyone by email to make them part of the editorial board of your joint magazine. You can assign certain pages to everyone, which they then design themselves. Either you determine a layout in advance or you leave it up to each individual to design one or more creative pages.

One of the most memorable, most personal, and at the same time most sophisticated gifts for a wedding is a wedding magazine designed by you: memories of shared experiences, vacations, celebrations, milestones with friends and family, funny stories, lots of photos and texts about the couple and their love, to move the bridal couple to tears- plus a festive layout that fits the wedding vibe. Isn’t this what the perfect wedding magazine should express?

The challenge of creating a wedding magazine 

How much passion, energy, and effort is needed to create a wedding magazine is only known to the magazine designer. Tasks for the creator include collecting all photos, writing and placing text, layout design, proofread, and other countless steps needed to finish the magazine. The smallest details and the rewriting of texts often cost the most effort – even if it does not look like that at first glance. That’s a handful, isn’t it?

It’s easier together 

Instead of shouldering all the work alone, you can bring friends and relatives who also want to contribute stories and photos on board and let them participate. Not only can you share the workload, but above all, it also doubles the fun. In the Jilster Editor, you will find the very best environment for this.

Working together in the Jilster Editor – How it works 

Jilster is the only platform on which you can invite your family and friends to work with you on a magazine simultaneously and from all different parts of the world. It is not uncommon for many guests to travel from far away to the wedding. From the Bride’s school friend who accepted her dream job in Italy, to the Groom’s cousin who is living with her boyfriend across the country. Even if they are not living close to the wedding site, they can work on the wedding magazine as if they were sitting next to you in the living room.

Become the head-editor 

As head-editor, you are the organizer of the wedding magazine. You create the magazine project in the editor and then invite your team. The editors receive an invitation email that directs them to the wedding magazine. All you need is internet access and a Jilster account. You can determine in advance whether the editors can only see and edit individual pages. You can get more tips on working together in this article.

Be prepared 

We recommend that you – alone or together with your co—head-editor- determine the layout for the wedding magazine in advance and store it on the individual pages. In the editor, you have access to many professionally designed magazine templates, from which you can use any page that you like in your project. You can also quickly adapt the layout in terms of color or font to the wedding theme and the taste of the Bride and Groom. – Or you delegate it to someone who enjoys it. Just invite them to the project.

The fine-tuning of the wedding newspaper

When everyone has uploaded their texts and pictures, it is best for someone else to have another thorough look at the whole issue and correct small errors in the text and inaccuracies in the layout. You can even order a discounted printed sample to go through this step more thoroughly. When you’re happy with everything, give it a GO. And we will print your beautiful wedding magazine in precisely the version that you particularly like. – We wish you all the luck and have the best time giving your gift!

Do you need tips and support? 

Did our tips and creative ideas help you? Do you have any questions for us? Please send us a message. We are happy to help you!