Working together | Design the wedding magazine

One of the most memorable, most personal, and at the same time most sophisticated gifts for a wedding is a wedding magazine designed by you: memories of shared experiences, vacations, celebrations, milestones with friends and family, funny stories, lots of photos and texts about the couple and their love, to move the bridal couple to tears- plus a festive layout that fits the wedding vibe. Isn’t this what the perfect wedding magazine should express?

The challenge of creating a wedding magazine

How much passion, energy, and effort is needed to create a wedding magazine is only known to the magazine designer. Tasks for the creator include collecting all photos, writing and placing text, layout design, proofread, and other countless steps needed to finish the magazine. The smallest details and the rewriting of texts often cost the most effort – even if it does not look like that at first glance. That’s a handful, isn’t it?

New magazine template – make small businesses visible

 It is time for your customers and clients to remember your business differently. Small companies and freelancers who pursue their goals charmingly and with lots of passion sometimes want a more professional appearance. Do you feel the same? Are you an architect, graphic designer, or salon owner? Do you feel for design and aesthetics and would you like to show your business to the outside world in the best possible way? Do you want to showcase your work and talents and in just a few pages? Would you like to hand a beautifully designed magazine about your company to special customers and clients, so that you and your business leave a lasting impression? Then you have come to the right place.

Be visible with Jilster


In the Jilster Editor, you can design your own magazine with a professional look in no time. You do not need a lot of time and you do not necessarily need a lot of creative skills. The beautiful and versatile magazine templates offer countless possibilities to fill them with your texts and photos. To make a brilliant appearance, you have the option to print your magazine as a glossy by us!


With a self-designed magazine, you can give your small business visibility and present it to the outside world in the best possible way. You decide what and how you want to present yourself! A professional design supports your professional appearance and really finishes off your presence in the market!

Our beautiful new magazine template

Do you like our beautiful magazine template, which you can see on this page? It is simple and sophisticated at the same time with refined details. It gives you the opportunity to highlight your photos. The magazine, in which the architect Laura Leeman introduces herself and her company, is now available in the Jilster editor. Log in, create a new project and open the editorial room. You have free access to all magazine templates in the left sidebar, including the latest small and medium-sized business template. Choose the pages that you like, duplicate them and adjust them to your own preference. Now let’s create a unique and personal magazine about your company!

Stand out with a unique portfolio magazine

Do you want to stand out within your current team? Are you looking for another job? It’s all about presenting yourself creatively. About standing out among everyone else and letting yourself shine in an authentic way.

Show who you are

Create your own magazine as a portfolio in which you display yourself or your creations. In a magazine you can express your personal style. It is a reflection of yourself. You show who you are and what your passion and style are. You can also describe what kind of work you like to do and for which clients you have worked. You can easily take a magazine with you wherever you go and leave it as a business card with your (potential) clients.


Why is it important to have a portfolio?

As a freelancer you can’t really do without a portfolio. Are you self-employed? Then make sure that you build a portfolio as soon as possible, even if it might be through a number of free assignments. A portfolio doesn’t just have to contain projects that have been paid for. With a portfolio you actually say: ‘hey, here I am and this is what I can do’.

You show your expertise.

You show which clients you have already worked for.
You can show what kind of assignments and sectors you find interesting.
You can show exactly how and what you have done.

Art is inside of you, express yourself

We make you shine! To make it easy for you, we have portfolio templates to choose from. Give your resume a boost and be sure to make a strong impression.

An original gift for a baby shower

Your girlfriend is going to be a mommy, that needs to be celebrated! Of course you do this by organizing the most fun baby shower. A baby shower also includes gifts. Gather the girlfriends and make a personal magazine with which you can surprise the mother-to-be on her baby shower.

Pregnant together

The birth of a baby is always a special event. Share your happiness with Jilster, an online tool that makes it easy to create your own magazine. Did you think you had to be a graphic designer to create stylish, personal pages? We’ve thought of everything: if you need ideas, you can get creative with our new free template for a baby magazine.


What do you get a couple that’s about to get married?

Most guests give a gift that is useful, like kitchen appliances or cutlery. While practical, there’s no denying that these gifts take away some of the magic that surrounds a wedding.

We’ve become so used to weddings that we overlook just how special a day it is. It’s a day centered around two people that have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. A celebration of two people that have somehow found each other among a population of 7 billion (and climbing) people world wide.

That’s a beautiful thing. Weddings only happen on one specific day between two unique people. It’s a moment that only ever happens once in a lifetime, and as such, it’s a moment that deserves to be documented and remembered for as long as the couple has promised to be together. In other words, for the rest of their lives.

What better way to document and remember the day than by getting family and friends together and creating a special wedding magazine just for the newlyweds. On this special day, they deserve to be on the cover of their very own magazine, filled with pages of photos, anecdotes, stories and best wishes from family and friends.

This is easily done with Jilster’s editor. The editing tool has everything you need to easily design magazine pages and enables you to invite family and friends to design a page or two as well.

Ideas and inspiration: wedding magazine pages

Below is a list of the contents available in this wedding magazine template. You can copy the template’s page designs to your own magazine and fill them in with your own photos and texts. Or use the list as inspiration to create pages with your own design.

  • A ‘did you know?’ page with stories about the newlyweds
  • A timeline of their relationship: ‘from baby to newlyweds’
  • Tips for their honeymoon (10 things to do in Hawaii)
  • A page about a few of the bride and groom’s favorite things
  • The wedding schedule
  • A page about the wedding dress: ‘Say yes to the dress’
  • An article about the wedding theme and colors
  • Pages about the bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Interview with the parents of the bride and groom
  • A quiz for the couple: ‘How well do you know one another?’
  • A personalized crossword puzzle
  • Bachelor and bachelorette party reviews

If you need any help, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help.