In view of all developments, we avoid physical contact with the elderly. The weekly visits to grandparents are also postponed. To give the elderly an ingsight to what is going on in the world of their (grand)children, you can make a magazine with pictures and stories from your daily family life.

About us, by us

Keep a diary together in which you describe for each day what you have done as a family. Were there chores to be done in the house? Did the children have to help in the household or were they busy with school or games? Were they cooking as a family or did you pick up a meal? And how was the grocery shopping? Maybe you went for a walk on Tuesday afternoon. Tell them about it and place a nice matching picture here and there. Of course, the children can also write or draw something for grandma and grandpa themselves.

Once the magazine is finished, it is possible to share it with others for free as an online magazine. You can also order a printed copy and have it delivered to grandma and grandpa’s home as a surprise.

What’s your story?

Thinking and talking about the old days is something we all do. Everybody has their own life story. Even you. Far-reaching events, joyful and sad experiences, they occur in everyone’s life. They are a treasure trove of precious memories. Would you like to capture them? For yourself, for the children or the grandchildren? In a lifestyle magazine your story takes on a tangible form. And with a photograph of you as a cute toddler or good-looking student on the cover, you’ll make the picture complete!

Worth sharing

A lifestyle magazine can make someone shine. The lifestyle magazine is a tailor-made glossy about one person. It tells the story of a person’s life, his or her memories in a way that suits his or her situation and lifestyle. The great thing is that it can also be used by family, care-takers and volunteers to talk to people. And it is a nice gift for the main character and the family as well.

Is entrepreneurship in your blood and did you start your own business? It is important that you also think carefully about what you want to represent as a company. With Jilster you can easily create your own business promotion, such as a company brochure, staff magazine or annual report.

Promote your company in your own way

The life of an independent entrepreneur can sometimes be very hectic. Time is money. That’s why Jilster offers an online design program, with which you can create your own business promotion independently and easily. Design your own page or use our templates. Add your own photos and texts and create your own magazine as a business promotion.

Are you a small entrepreneur?

Jilster is also suitable for small businesses. The design program is free to use and you can order the magazine in different versions or share it as an online magazine.

From project to project; easy and fast!

When you start a new project, you create another new magazine. As soon as you open the editor, you have access to all the magazine pages you have ever created with your account. These pages can easily be transferred (and also edited) to your current project. This way you can easily and quickly complete a new project!

Jilster’s team recently has a new intern. Meet the enthusiastic and eager to learn Emma Selhorst. Emma is 23 years old and will be an intern at Jilster for the next six months.

During her study Communication & Multimedia Design she specializes in various fields, such as programming, visual design, psychology of interactions and user experience. Her interest lies mainly in researching the user experience. She finds it interesting to discover how to make a product or service as user-friendly as possible. After completing her education, she is looking for a job as a UX Researcher.

At Jilster, she feels completely at home and sees many opportunities to further develop her skills here. At the moment she is helping with the creation of the illustrations for social media. This is a challenge for her, because she finds it difficult to find/make the perfect illustration that fits the target group. But because of this she also develops her visual side and that is very important to her.

In addition, she is working on an internship assignment focused on the User Experience, for which she will do research into the needs of Jilster’s users. She is also enthusiastic about Jilster as a tool in education.

“It’s really cool to put your internship report in the form of a magazine. Such a beautiful magazine stands out among the other internship reports!”