make a magazine christmas family gift

A few weeks ago we came across a very special magazine. We decided to approach the editor of the magazine to ask them some questions. The result is a beautiful story of family, love and togetherness.

We’d like to thank Erin Kiniry for sharing her Jilster story with us and hope all our members enjoy this wonderful tale as much as we do!

How did you find out about Jilster?

“I found out about Jilster one sunny afternoon in California while I was drinking my morning cup of coffee outside, admiring my flower garden. A thought came into my mind regarding how neat it would be to start a personal family magazine because my family is rather large (6 sisters + Mom and Dad) and we are always doing crazy things-both on our own and together-and I realized I needed to document these moments. So, I wandered into my office, sat down, and Googled “online magazine creator,” crossing my fingers and hoping that something legit would pop up. And it did! There I found Jilster. Nervous, because I had no idea if it was real or not, I snooped around the site a bit, and eventually determined it was real, and really cute! I decided to take a chance with this new thing I came across, and WOW AM I GLAD I DID!”

Who/What is the magazine for?

“I created this magazine as a Christmas morning gift to my family- one copy for each sister (6) and one for both my wonderful Mother and generous Father.”

make a magazine christmas family giftWhat were the reactions of others to your magazine?

“One sister cried she loved it so much, and slowly as everyone sat down comfortably to read, the room fell silent with patient eyes and happy hearts as they remembered the adventures of the current years days. All that I could hear was the crackling fire log, oh, and the sniffles from the youngest sister as she read the bit about how much I love her. Needless to say, it was a hit. A gift that will truly give for a lifetime. It waits on your shelf, just waiting to be opened if one is in need of a happy memory.”

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with our other users?

“I would start early. Give yourself a lot of time to really make it what you dreamed of originally. I gave myself about 3-4 months and worked on it a little bit everyday. Not only was it a great gift, but it gave me something fun and creative to do everyday when I felt like working on it. I had such a blast actually designing it and gathering my content! It was a fun project, and now after seeing everyone’s reactions, well…it’s even more fun.”

Will you continue to use Jilster in the future, and why?

“YES. I plan on making this my Christmas morning tradition, that way, in the far future, I will have several different magazines in chronological order highlighting all the wonderful memories that me and my family create. It is a unique and creative way to store those treasured memories and adventures, or little moments, that we don’t want to forget as human beings.”

“I would like to add that the customer services was marvelous as well. I had a few questions and it wasn’t long until I had a proper email with proper help. Oh, and my magazines arrived nicely with no tears or rips or other problems. Thank you for putting together a software program that allows people of the WORLD to use (I noticed you work with lots of different languages), not just those of your own country. That is very cool. I’m impressed! Thanks Jilster!”

Make your own magazine: a beautiful gift for any occasion.

make a wedding magazine customer review tre and kerry magazine

Tre Martin and the former Kerry Pugh got engaged on January 1st, 2013 and really started planning their wedding in the Fall of 2013. This is their story.

Wedding Inspiration

“I came across a Martha Stewart magazine that had an article about “wedding newspapers” for guests that I thought was pretty cool. The only thing was that I thought people would throw away newspapers, since that’s what people do with newspapers.

So then I did a search for making your own wedding magazine and I came across Jilster. It totally fit the theme of our wedding since we were doing a “Pan Am Airline” themed celebration and we wanted to make a “In-flight Magazine” for our guests.

It was a total hit and everyone loved it! Matter of fact — my parents want me to print more so they can give them to all our friends! So what I will do is add about eight more pages to our magazine and create a “post-honeymoon edition.” Jilster is amazing!

make a wedding magazine customer review tre and kerry magazine

In-Flight Wedding Magazine

The title of their magazine is Tre and Kerry In-Flight Magazine, and they made it together. The magazine was given to their guests at their wedding on June 21st, 2014.

Tre, when asked about the best page of the magazine: Easily the front page! It looks so professional! Everyone thought we had it made by professionals! It was a total attention-getter!

They’ve got some tips for future magazine makers. They wanted their magazine to be perfect and they want yours to be too! “Start early and edit often — let another outside party edit your magazine because you won’t see all of your mistakes and misspellings!”

This isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from the Martins: “Once we complete the “post-honeymoon edition” of the Tre and Kerry In-Flight Magazine, we will order it and send you back a picture of us receiving it!”

magazine gift for grandmother make a magazine

Working together is one of the best parts of making a magazine. The Mankowski family did just that. Together, they made a magazine for their grandmother. The entire family spent time together to create a beautiful gift for this important person in the family.

magazine gift for grandmother make a magazineA gift for Grandmother

The title of the magazine is MANKOZINE; a play on their family name; Mankowski. Julie told us the magazine was made as a special gift for her grandmother. A thank you for all that she has done for their massive family. Together with her 20 cousins, she started work on a very special magazine.

Family Bonding

She says her experience making the magazine was fantastic. “Got to bond with my family while making it, and it was so easy to do! My personal favorite page was a two-page spread titled “Dear Grandma” that had thought bubbles from all of her grandchildren with messages to her. The pages had pretty pink roses in the background and a ‘camera film reel’ of miscellaneous pictures of us with her.”

Julie (and her big family) are happy with the result: “EVERYONE was super supportive and thrilled with the idea. Many family members have ordered copies of their own and cannot believe how great it turned out. Jilster offers an INCREDIBLE product that is SO easy to do! I got to make my entire vision for my grandma come to life so easily! I’m so grateful!”

Julie’s Tip: Order a Sample Copy

Julie has one tip for fellow magazine makers: “Order a sample and ask your friends and family to read through it for mistakes! After staring at it so much for so long, I grew immune to finding mistakes!“ Read more on sample magazine pricing.

senior project make a magazine jilster high school education

One of our customers made a magazine for a year long independent high school project know as ‘Senior Project’. The magazine is for her school community, teachers, and close family and friends.

senior project make a magazine jilster high school educationHow she found Jilster

“I was searching online for a website that would allow me to create and then publish a magazine. I liked that I didn’t have to pay up front to use the site. I signed up and played around on multiple sites and decided I liked Jilster the best.”

How people reacted to her magazine

“The reactions to my magazine were so positive. I had both friends and professional magazine editors give me feedback. One friend told me to go work for Conde Nast right now. From professionals I was told that the consistency of my design really completes the magazine. Everyone was really impressed.”


“I found the help videos, help articles, and example magazines to be very helpful. One thing I think the site would benefit from is a spelling/ grammar check in the editing room.

I definitely will continue to use jilster in the future because my experience was positive. I’m really excited about what I was able to create. I created a travel magazine and would like to make a magazine after every trip I go on.

I have recommended Jilster to friends already because I tried multiple sites and found this the easiest to use. I also know that the product ends up looking really amazing.”


make a magazine yearbook erasmus class fast track students

This wonderful customer experience comes to us from Lisa Herzog. She created a magazine for her entire class of Fast-Track-Students at the Hotelschool in The Hague, The Netherlands. She found out about Jilster through a friend of hers who used it for their yearbook.

make a magazine yearbook erasmus class fast track studentsMemorializing by yearbook

Lisa explains: “Because of this intensive study program we have come to know each other very well, and therefore came up with the idea to memorize each other and our time in The Hague in the form of a yearbook.” A lovely idea indeed!

Reactions were wonderful

At first Lisa’s classmates didn’t show much interest in the magazine. “After showing a preview of what it will look like, most of them then signed up to receive a copy. The yearbooks arrived the day of the goodbye-party and the reactions were wonderful. They loved it: the content, the layout, the feeling, the quality of the pictures.”

Happy with end result

Though Lisa felt some features in the online editing room were a bit limiting, she was very happy with the end result. “If I have a similar project, I would definitely take Jilster into consideration. I loved the speed of the customer service, when I had a question. To me that is very important. Also, the product looked wonderful!”

Create your own magazine for education.

make a magazine jilster customer review bella nova photography may issue

Bella Nova Studio creates magazines for their customers. We interviewed them to find out more about why they decided to make magazines and get some tips we could share with other users looking to create a magazine for their company.

make a magazine jilster customer review bella nova photography may issueMonica Horner runs Bella Nova Studio: a photography business

“I’m always being asked different questions by clients pertaining to their session. I’m not a blogger, so I decided to create something that my clients could read and gain inspiration from. I have clients that I’ve worked with for years and I feel like it gives them a chance to get to know their photographer & studio better. It also gives me a chance to showcase some of my favorite sessions on a more in depth level.”

On the reactions she gets:

“They loved it!” The most common comment: “Wow, that looks great!””

Monica’s tips for making a magazine

“No matter what your magazine is for, business, personal etcetera, just have fun with it…be creative! You start off with a blank page, let your creativity flow.”

She’s very excited about using Jilster in the future

“YES!! Jilster is so simple to navigate and use, I love it! By using Jilster I can quickly and easily create a magazine for my company which allows me to interact with my existing clients and reach new clients.”

About Bella Nova Studio

Bella Nova Studio is a custom photography & stationary boutique. They serve the Kansas City area and have been around since 2008. They’ve been featured on the blog Three Blind Wives for their photography custom work on a Willy Wonka themed party. That post was #1 for the first 2 weeks it was up. Monica loves working with people, and being able to provide quality work at an affordable cost to everyone.

Check out their May Issue here!

Magazines in School

There are so many occasions and opportunities to design your own magazines in the Jilster Editor for school purposes – whether in class for projects, for practical work, for school newspapers, farewell magazines, memorial publications, and many other occasions. Do you have one in mind?

Jilster is versatile

In the Jilster Editor, you can design any magazine you want. Our easy-to-use editor offers many options – with great, professionally designed magazine templates that you can use as a basis and starting point for your own projects. There is a template for every topic.

Stylish magazines for every topic

Feel free to use all layouts in the Jilster Editor for any topic. (Take a look at our article on how you can adapt any magazine template to any topic.) This way, each subject gets the right display – and you can easily shine with your magazine.

Ideas and topics for magazines in school

Would you like to design a magazine project at school and are not yet sure what to write about? Or are you part of the school newspaper editorial team and looking for topics for your magazine? We have compiled a list below of ideas that can help you develop a concept for your own magazine.

  • People in the spotlight
  • Do interviews with …
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • The school secretary
  • The caretaker
  • The school psychologist

Let them tell their story.

Life at school 

What does a typical day at school look like? Which clubs and teams are there? Write about them: 

  • Sports teams – volleyball, football, basketball, athletics … 
  • School clubs – theater, literature, science … 
  • School band, orchestra, choir … 

What else is there? What is the school’s current topic of discussion? E.g. 

  • Food offer in the cafeteria 
  • School party 
  • Introduction of school uniforms 
  • Dismantling the table tennis table … 

What do you and the other students enjoy? Write about it, e.g.

  • Latest music 
  • Popular movies 
  • Good books 
  • Interesting art 
  • Exciting games (board games and on the PC) 

Let others write about their recommendations and provide others with special tips.

School history 

Do some research and tell a little about the history of your school. Celebrate your school and the anniversary, for example: 

  • Foundation of the school 
  • History of the school name 
  • What was it like here 50 years ago? 
  • Renovation: before and after photos of the school building (s) 
  • Local news Find out what’s going on in the near area of the school. Which of these is also interesting for the students and teachers. Write reports and articles – and don’t forget to take photos as well.

Whats new?

  • Will the bus stop be rebuilt?
  • Is there a new sports complex?
  • Has a new basketball hoop been installed in the park?
  • Interview with the mayor
  • Interview other important groups of people in your city or town
  • Opinions and perspectives of the students

Ask your classmates to write opinion articles, letters to the editor, and editorials, some examples:

  • School rules
  • School classes and subjects
  • School uniforms
  • What makes a good teacher?
  • What makes a good student?


Opinions and tips on personal topics (can also be found in a school newspaper), e.g.

  • How do you make friends? 
  • How do you work well together? (Teamwork) 
  • How can you overcome fear? 
  • How can you get rid of bad habits? 
  • How can you deal with peer pressure? 
  • What can you do against bullying? 

More Ideas

There are many more ideas that you can implement in a school newspaper or other magazine project at school, such as:

  • Comics (written and drawn by students)
  • Competitions
  • Puzzles
  • Projects on socially relevant topics
  • Practical work
  • Results of creative projects

Create your own magazine

Did you find ideas and topics for your school newspaper that you would like to implement in our list? Do you have more ideas? – Get started right now.