Welcome to Jilster's July newsletter! In this issue we’ve got some news you might have missed and a few articles to help you create your very own online magazine as well as how to publish your own magazine with Jilster.

Publish your own magazine

You’ve made yourself a beautiful magazine with Jilster and now you want to make it available for anyone to order online. But how do you do that? There’s only one way… Become your own publisher with Jilster!

Publishing a magazine has never been so easy. All you have to do is publish your magazine online and create a free promotional page. Click here to see how.

Your own online magazine in 7 steps

With Jilster it’s easy to co-create and publish a beautiful magazine with friends and family. But you already knew that didn’t you? If you need some inspiration to start a new magazine or finish a current one, check out this easy 7-step magazine tutorial made with Jilster.

It’s wedding season!

It's the wedding season, and in order to celebrate it we have some extra tips and tricks to help you make the perfect wedding magazine for that special couple.

Are you working on a magazine for a couple that is getting married soon? First of all we’d like to compliment you on finding an excellent gift for the happy couple! It’s a gift they will treasure for the rest of their lives together. In order to help you create the perfect wedding magazine we’ve made a list. The perfect magazine in 10 steps. Read more.

If you’re having trouble thinking of content to fill your wedding magazine with, we’ve also compiled a list of possible ideas to get you inspired.  Read more here.

View your magazine on iPad and iPhone

Now you can show off your self-made magazines on apple products too! Jilster magazines are now compatible with iPad and iPhone. See what it looks like here.

New features

Did you know that Jilster ships magazines worldwide? That means that customers from all over the world can make a magazine together and have it delivered at home. There are also a few other new features that make it even easier to work with Jilster. Read more.

Jilster moments

This couple got a wedding magazine on the day they got married. The groom's mom made it just for them! Read more about their Jilster moment

Curious to know what our other customer's are saying about their experience with Jilster? Check out our customer experience page

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Have fun co-creating and publishing your magazine!