“Jilster is so simple to navigate and use, I love it!”

Bella Nova Studio is a photography business. It’s magazines looked great so we decided to interview them to find out more about the business behind these wonderfully creative magazines. The answers are inspiring! Read more

“Jilster is so simple to navigate and use, I love it!”

Brand Yourself: Résumé Magazine

If you’re looking for employment, you’ll know it’s hard to stand out among all the résumés and letters that are sent in. These days everyone is looking for a job, so make sure you stand out! Find out why a Résumé Magazine is perfect for landing that job! Read more

Brand Yourself Résumé Magazine

Team Building Idea: Make a Magazine Together

If you find yourself thinking :“My and my colleagues should do something fun together”. Make a magazine with Jilster; it’s a great team building exercise. It's also a great way to practice creative and writing skills together. Read more

Team Building Idea Make a Magazine Together