Co-create your own magazine with Jilster


Co-create your own magazine with Jilster

Fun, easy, and original

What’s more fun to read? A magazine, or your own magazine? Become chief editor and create your own magazine independently or with your own editing team! Jilster makes creating your magazine simple and easy.

Jilster is an online platform that allows you to easily create your own original magazine independently, or together! It’s a great way for anyone to make their own magazine, but also a great birthday gift idea for a friend turning 50, a brother that’s getting married, a colleague who’s retiring, or as a parting gift for middleschoolers going to highschool.

To make a magazine, register on and let the fun begin. Choose one of the many templates available to help get you started, or start with a blank magazine.


Working Together
One of the greatest things about Jilster is that you can collaborate with others real-time. Everyone can write their own content and get creative and this makes the task of making the magazine easy. Simply enter someone's e-mail in the online editing room to send an invitation, and they become co-editor. You can appoint pages to everyone or work together on one or more pages. There’s a ‘shoutbox’ in the online editor that allows you to chat with your co-editors. Jilster is available in three languages: English, Dutch and German. This makes it even easier to work with people from all over the world.

Printing and Sharing Online
When the magazine is complete, you can share it online for free or have it printed. Printing a magazine starts from as low as one copy. Shipping time to the UK is one week.


The price depends on the amount of pages, the design and the amount of copies.

Approximate Prices:
1 Magazine from: £ 16.91 (excl. shipping costs)
10 Magazines from: £ 7.79 apiece (excl. shipping costs)
100 Magazines from: £ 3.01 apiece (excl. shipping costs)

So, do you know a colleague who’s retiring soon or someone celebrating an anniversary to celebrate? Surprise them with a fun and unique magazine gift.

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Not for publication:
For more information about Jilster in the UK please
contact Pamela Pietersz, Marketing & Communication.

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