Happy New Year everyone! We hope all your end of the year celebrations were wonderful and we wish you all the best for 2014! In this month's newsletter we'd like to treat you to some inspiration for the next holiday; Valentine's Day! As well as another content tip for your magazine and a very special Christmas story from one of our users. Happy reading and happy magazine making!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is on it's way. A wonderful day in which we can share the love we have for one another. What better way to show it than a personalized magazine just for that special person? Read how to make a magical Valentine's Day magazine here

One sister cried she loved it so much. 

Every now and then we come across some very special magazines. We're amazed at what some of our users are creating. So we contact these users and ask them to tell us their Jilster story. This one in particular is a very touching story about Christmas and Family. We loved it and we hope you do too and it inspires you to create a Jilster story of your own. Read it here.

Content Tip: Quiz! 

We all know them; the magazine quizzes we can't help but fill in. Circle your answers, tally up the score and read your results! It's a great idea for any magazine. The best part is, since you're making your own magazine, you get to choose what kind of quiz you make! Test your family, friends and colleagues! Read on to find out how to make the perfect quiz for your magazine

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Have fun co-creating and publishing your magazine!