It's getting colder and that means the Holidays are coming! This Jilster newsletter is full of ideas and inspiration for ways to keep busy and get creative with your magazines during the coming cold months and holidays.

School Projects

With so many back to school campaigns and advertisements it’s hard to keep track of all your kids’ school needs. What are the essentials that will contribute to a good academic career?

Especially when it comes to school projects kids are always looking for fun ways to work together. That’s why we recommend using Jilster for school projects.

With our unique platform that allows multiple users to work together real-time, kids can work together on school projects like never before! And when they’re done they’ll have a beautifully printed magazine that will stand out among the projects, as well as something that they can be proud of. Read more here.

Company Newsletters

Holiday celebrations are in the air! So too on the workfloor, where anticipation of parties and bonding before the end of the year is high. Have some fun with your coworkers and invite them to collaborate on a newsletter. Share vacation stories, tips to relieve stress on the workfloor and so much more. Read more about co-creating a newsletter magazine here.

Fun idea for your Magazine: Letters to the Editor

What makes a good magazine? The cover plays a big part of course, but the recurring pages like columns, letters to the editor and funny pages are also a big part of what makes a magazine succesful. Today we’d like to inspire you to create a great ‘letters to the editor’ page for your magazine. Click here to see our tips. Keep a lookout for more content and design tips to come in the future!

Thanksgiving Magazine

Who could forget a Holiday favorite among so many; Thanksgiving! Bringing families together far and wide, thanksgiving really is meant to give thanks for everything we are grateful for. Start by bringing your family together online and co-reating a magazine full of recipes, thank you notes and so much more! Click here for Thanksgviving magazine inspiration.

So what are you waiting for? Continue working on your magazine right away, or make a new one! If you'd like to see and read more of Jilster be sure to click on the links below to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, or follow us on Pinterest here. If you have any Jilster stories or experiences to share or just a question or a comment, don't hesitate to contact us, we love hearing from our members!