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About Jilster

Co-creating a beautiful magazine. Strengthening the social connection between people. Delivering a high quality product       with an FSC label and attention for others. That’s Jilster’s short story.

Jilster was first online at the start of 2010. Today, thousands of editors work together simultaneously to make their own magazine. From all over the world, in our online editor that supports three different languages!

Working together to create a beautiful final product. That strengthens the mutual understanding. Among families, friends, acquantainces, neighbours, colleagues. For Jilster, the social factor is very important.

Jilster also tries to be kind to the environment. That’s why all our magazines carry the FSC label.

The quality of the printed magazines is high. That’s why they lend themselves perfectly to being treasured for many years to come. Still, Jilster keeps the prices low. That way making a magazine is accessible by anyone.

We like working together too. Do you have any ideas for improvements or partnerships? Get in touch with Jilster. We’re always open to new opportunities.