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Parntership opportunities

We love working together. Get in touch with us if you're interested in one of the following partnership opportunities.

1. You'd like to publish and sell your own magazine ('Publishing Service')

For the magazine editors among our customers we have the perfect service: the 'publishing Service'. This service allows you to set a fixed price for the stapled magazine you want to sell. A great example is CERES. They sell their magazine through our 'Publishing Service'.

How does it work?
You simply activate the promotional page for your online magazine. During this process, you can check the box that states that you would like to offer your magazine for sale. The ordering and delivery process is all handled by Jilster. If you so wish agreements can be made concerning the fixed price per stapled magazine - the ultimate total payment you make to Jilster depends on the amount of orders your magazine has received. 

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2. You have content on your website that is suitable for a magazine

We are always interested in working together with people and organizations that have content that is suitable to be showcased in our customers' magazines. Our customers can then purchase this content for use in the magazine(s) they are making.

How does it work?
Let's say you have content that you'd like to offer to our customers - free or for a fee (on your own website). By placing a Jilster button with Jilster's API your content can easily be placed in a Jilster magazine. The supporting affiliate system we are currently developing, will also work in your favor financially, if customers coming from your website make and order a magazine.

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3. You want to advertise Jilster on your website or blog

Being a small company means we don't have a big budget for advertising. So we really appreciate it when others help promote Jilster. We're currently developing a program for our affiliate partners that will facilitate this collaboration. Let us know if you're interested!

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4. Last but not least...

Do you have any ideas or questions? Please contact us. There are many options. For example, we love featuring special magazines in our newsletter. And we like publishing articles related to social activities or events, like International co-operative day. We also print company magazines and deliver them to employees. In the same way we also print company brochures or flyers and have them delivered.

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